Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for Missionaries, Parents, Family and Friends

For Missionaries:

Missionaries are at the core of Missionary Mailbag. Every follower is invited because a missionary invited them. Read a few of our most commonly asked questions from missionaries below:

Missionary Mailbag is completely email based. Missionaries can send an email into the system by including the appropriate permission-based email address on their emails home.

There are two basic email permissions, watch these videos to find out how to create each of them.

Private Emails

Follower Emails

Keep in mind, all pictures that are attached to your emails will also take on the same permissions as the letter.

Any pictures attached to your emails will also be imported into Missionary Mailbag and shown in a gallery format to your approved followers. We keep the original, high-quality picture for you in the cloud.

Remember, any pictures you send in privately are only viewable by you and those included on the original email.

First off, thank you for serving as a missionary! At the conclusion of your mission, all of your emails are saved on our site forever for FREE. You will also be able to save a PDF of all of your emails and pictures home.

After returning home, you can create a professional book with all of your letters and pictures included. You'll be able to choose from picture only books, letter only books, as well as a combination of both pictures and letters in a soft or hard-bound book.

Yes, you can keep all or specific emails and pictures private. Everything is controlled by the email address you send the original email to. This way, the missionary can determine the permissions for specific email and pictures without ever having to login to Missionary Mailbag while on his/her mission.

Right now, you are not able to manually edit emails or remove pictures once they are sent into Missionary Mailbag, but this feature is coming soon.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: We built Missionary Mailbag with the purpose of being in line with mission rules and helping missionaries stay focused on the work they were called to do. Leave all the saving, sharing and organizing to us.

No. Everything is managed by email. You can do everything you need to do by email including approve followers, set permissions and more.

Keep in mind that you can also assign another user to be a "mission admin" while you are gone. They would also be able to approve followers and update basic details on your account. This is usually someone like your parents or a close friend.

The Missionary Mailbag blogging service is open to you for our low one-time fee of $30. A few things this includes:

  • FREE accounts for your followers and admins.
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth for your pictures and letters.
  • 24/7 access to all of your letters and pictures.
  • Emails are saved on Missionary Mailbag for life.
  • Ability to print books for an additional fee.
  • Any future updates and features. We won't ever charge you more for a new feature.

Remember, there will be additional products that you will be able to purchase during or after your mission like a hardbound book.

We provide easy to use tools to share a public profile website on Facebook and Twitter (or anywhere else you'd like to post it). You can also use our tool within your profile to invite family and friends by email address. We take care of sending them a nice invite on your behalf to follow your mission.

Yes! If you're a recently returned missionary (less than 60 days), then you likely still have access to your email address. If you do, you can authorize your account with us and we will automatically download all of your emails and pictures without any further work from you.

If you no longer have access to your email, you can forward your emails in to us from a parents or friends email account. Contact us at to see how this works best.

For Parents:

Parents are the most likely to be the designated "mission admin" while their missionary is out. This section also applies to others who are mission admins.

Yes! We have built a way for you to forward any past letters into Missionary Mailbag and have them be attributed to your missionary. All we need is access to their account. Watch the video below on what that means. Contact us at if you'd like help getting this setup.

Yes! If you create their account, you will already be setup as a mission admin. If they set it up, have them make you an admin. Being designated as a mission admin allows you to update profile details such as mission address, profile picture, etc. You can also help edit and remove any pictures that you may not want on the site.

Definitely! We save every email the missionary receives. Any emails you send to your missionary will be saved and stored in our system, but more importantly, will always be kept private between you and your missionary. These are NEVER posted for public or followers viewing.

Yes! Missionary Mailbag is built with security in mind. Everything from payment and credit card information to personal information to the emails and pictures is secured using industry leading technology. Beyond all the technical jargon, missionaries can also set permissions on each individual email (and attached pictures) and only allow followers they know and approve.

If you'd like to talk more in-depth on the technical side, reach out to us at

For Followers:

Followers are friends and family who have been approved to follow the missionary.

We have built a way to allow for you to send an email to missionary's email address and we'll automatically save them from there. Any emails you send to your missionary will be saved and stored in our system, but more importantly, will always be kept private between you and the missionary. These are NEVER posted for public or followers viewing.

Yes! Followers accounts are 100% free! Your account with Missionary Mailbag will always be free forever.

Creating A Book:

Learn anything and everything about creating your mission book. Save your emails into a book with Missionary Mailbag!

Once you have authorized your email account with Missionary Mailbag and we have imported all of your emails and pictures, you will be able to create a book by clicking on the "Book" link at the top of the page (once logged in).

Pricing varies based off number of pages and size and type of cover for your mission book. You can find more information on pricing by clicking here.

Yes, you can choose what emails and pictures are included in mission book. We do this by asking you a few questions as you create your book. You can choose what emails you want included by selecting one or more email addresses that have been used to send you email, as well as one or more email addresses from which you have received email. From there, you'll be able to edit the emails and remove any individual emails or pictures you'd like.

For example, if I wanted to print a book with only the letters I sent to my mom, I would only select my mom's email address from the step where it asks me what email addresses I'd like to include in the book.

Typically, we say it will take 10-14 business days to receive your book in the mail, but it usually only takes 7-10 business days for delivery within the continental US.

Mobile App:

Find questions about the Missionary Mailbag mobile experience. Keep in touch on the go with your missionary.

Find us on the app store, or learn more about where you can download it by visiting our page about the app by clicking here.

Yes! It will be FREE forever!

Android is on our roadmap, but will be coming later. Windows is further down on our list as we work to develop for the majority of our users first.