11 reasons Missionary Mailbag is better for managing missionary emails

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11 reasons Missionary Mailbag is better for managing missionary emails

11 reasons Missionary Mailbag is better for managing missionary emails

September 22, 2015

We get asked a lot why Missionary Mailbag is better than just forwarding emails, using a blog, or just sending emails. Here are our top 11 answers as to what we can do for you to make your life easier.

1. We’re completely automated

Our system is completely automated. No copying and pasting, no forwarding, and no editing required. Our system is completely based on emails. All you have to do is send the email and then we automatically can make everything else in this list happen. Saves you time.

2. We save every email

Did you know the Church will delete the missionary’s email account just 60 days after returning home? All their emails, both sent and received, are deleted. If you want to save all the emails sent and received to the missionary, you have to go through a complicated technical process to do it. But with our system, it takes less than 2 minutes of setup and we’ll download every email sent by the missionary. This way, when the missionary gets home, they have access for life to every email they sent and received.

3. Every picture sent is stored in a nice gallery

Screenshot 2015-09-22 16.00.12Families love pictures. But when a picture is sent in an email, it takes a while to save it and get it to a place you can use it. With Missionary Mailbag every attachment sent in email is saved. This includes videos, documents, and voice recordings. All the images sent are automatically put into a nice online gallery that allows you to see pictures from the entire mission at a glance.

4. Get emails and pictures on the go via our smartphone app

5.5-inch (iPhone 6+) - Screenshot 2All of these features come to you via your mobile device. Get push notifications when new emails are received and have a gallery of pictures to show off mission pictures to friends and family. Once again, lifetime access to this great app and all your pictures. Download the iPhone app here

5. Easily print books from your mission emails

Because we save every email, you can easily take those emails and their pictures and get it printed into a book. We have a variety of book options and are always working to make this feature better. You can print off just a picture book, just letters, or letters and pictures all in one book. Check out our book options and pricing here

6. Privacy you control

We have three privacy settings you can use for your emails that you send. An email can be public, friends only, or private. By default every email sent is set to private, so only the original sender and recipient can see it. To share it with your approved friends or post it publicly for everyone to see, all you do is add an email address to the email when you send it. It’s super simple and completely controlled by the missionary.

7. Invite friends and family anytime during the mission

One of the great benefits of using our system is that you can add a new friend to follow the missionary at anytime. When you do this, that person automatically receives access to all the previous emails sent by the missionary. If you forget someone at the beginning of the mission, we make it easy to get them caught up.

8. Share public emails on social media

One click sharing of public email to social media. Show off your missionary’s stories on social media and let people read these public emails coming straight from your social media accounts.

9. Complete obedience to mission rules

Our system is completely email based. The missionary never has to access our site during their mission. They can just send emails and stay obedient to mission rules. We value obedience on missions and we’ve built everything to make sure missionaries can stay obedient.

10. We can start at anytime

Our system works at anytime. As long as the @myldsmail.net email address still exists and the Church hasn’t deleted it yet we can save all the emails. We have other ways to get emails if the account is deleted, so reach out to us at help@missionarymailbag.com if you want to save emails after it’s been deleted, but there’s a bit more work involved.

11. It’s free for lifetime access for the missionary and all friends and family

Yes. You read that right. It’s free for lifetime access to all the emails. We believe in providing a great service and we want your experience to be free from ads. We just hope you’ll order other valuable products through us for your missionary..

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