Save Your Mission Memories

Missionaries use Missionary Mailbag to save their emails on a blog and share them with family and friends.
No extra work. Nothing to install. Just send emails. We do the rest.

How does Missionary Mailbag work?

Missionary Mailbag is easy to use! Here's how it works:

  1. Missionary sends an email.
  2. Missionary Mailbag notifies all approved friends and family of a new email and stores all pictures online.
  3. Repeat steps 1-3!

When it's time for the missionary to return home, we'll have everything ready to print in a book. Family and friends can also print books throughout the mission.

All of your mission emails and pictures saved online. Forever.

See Every Letter

Remember that story about Sarah that you included in your weekly email home? One quick search and instantly re-live favorite memories. Or read your mission emails like a long-cherished story, one email a time.

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See Every Picture

No more digging through email after email, saving and storing pictures on your own computer. It's just one more thing we take off your plate to make your life easier. All of it is kept safe, secure and up to date 24/7. No hassle guarantee.

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Even on the go

Browse all emails and pictures in the palm of your hand, anywhere in the world. Show off your missionary wherever you are. Easily find and read the stories from your mission and show pictures right from your phone. Download our app today from the App Store.

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Hold your mission memories in your hand in a professional book.

Create Your Book

Make your mission emails come to life in your hand. Create your very own hardbound book with your emails and pictures with almost no work on your part.

Create one big book at the end. Try a photo book every 6 months. Even create a pocket book with just your letters. You choose how you would like to save your mission memories on paper.

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